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Location Dwarven Mines (2,11) Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

Full Quest

You find a man curled up in a ball. "I've been trying to make Zircon for years without success. Bring me a bar and I will teach you what I know about smelting".
Give Zircon Bar

All I know is... As the man touches the Zircon Bar his eyes darken and his speech becomes garbled... He says "Networks dirty hefty rat".

You find a note…
Read Note

The note reads “Goofy horrid thug ant”

You find another man. “You are progressing I see. Bring me 25,000 gold and I shall give you further instructions.”
Give Gold

The man grins and tells you the following… “Rave ever worm in dozen”

The smelter seems to have recovered from the Zircon. “Bring me a Zircon Ore and I shall teach you everything I know…”
Give Zircon Ore

You learn the ‘Master Smelter’ skill and gain 5000 smelting xp.

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