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Location Gothador (10,10)
Min Level 250 Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

  • [none]

Full Quest

"Traveller - I have the power of storm! You can have this power to if you please the gods."

You talk with the stranger

"To please the Storm gods, you must slay the foul vermin that is Wind Scavengers. They harness the power of the wind which disrupts the gods slumber. Return once you have completed the task". (You have killed 75/75 Wind Scavengers)

You must now gain a blessing from the Storm Gods. I know there is a temple where you can hail the Storm Gods, however I don't have any more information than that. Return to me once you have their blessing.

Unknown [edit]

You feel blessed by the Storm gods.

"I see you have their blessing. Sit with me a minute and I can show you how to use the blessing."

You gain the 'Storm' skill and 7,500xp.

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