This page contains a table of Mixers found in the game.

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Name Products
Agnon Spores (Mixer)
Animosity Powder
Basilisk Blood
Beast Fat
Beatlick Berry
Biased Pennant
Black Dragon Scale
Black Yvew Crystal
Blank Scroll
Bleeding Eye
Blizzard Crystal
Blue Berries (Item)
Blue Diamond Fragment
Blue Dust
Blue Powder
Blue Purge Crystal
Blue Yvew Crystal
Braskin Rock
Bronze Amulet
Bronze Purge Crystal
Bronze Slither
Carrian Scale
Cracked Red Gem
Crystal Dragon Scale
Crystal Shard
Crystal Spores (Item)
Dark Grib Blood
Dark Herbs
Deepthorn Berry
Demonic Stone
Empty Necklace
Empty Vial
Energy Fragment
Essence of Flame
Farrow Dragon Scale
Flawed Red Gem
Floating Dust
Forest Dragon Scale
Gold Slither
Green Powder
Heaven Crystal
Hell Crystal
Hyena Pelt
Ice Diamonds (Item)
Ice Herbs
Imbued Twig
Inferno Crystal
Jade Powder
Jungle Dragon Scale
Kamrack Appendix
Kamrack Liver
Kamrack Lung
Ladius Cube
Lava Grib Blood
Magical Root
Mana Blood
Mana Pod
Megnix Spores (Mixer)
Nylem Eye
Omnilord Eye
Onyx Dragon Scale
Patriarch Crystals (Mixer)
Peridot Shard
  • n/a
Polvariels Sigil
Popper Berry
Psche Energy
Pure Lightning
Rainbow Powder
Rare Wyvern Talon
Red Berries
Red Gem
Red Powder
Red Purge Crystal
Red Yvew Crystal
Relic Fragment 1
Relic Fragment 10
Relic Fragment 2
Relic Fragment 3
Relic Fragment 4
Relic Fragment 5
Relic Fragment 6
Relic Fragment 7
Relic Fragment 8
Relic Fragment 9
Shattered Varo Fragment
Silver Purge Crystal
Silver Ring
Silver Slither
Snow Grib Blood
Spirit Energy
Spore (Blue)
Spore (Green)
Spore (Purple)
Spore (Yellow)
Squigglett Black Gem
Squigglett Blue Gem
Squigglett Gold Gem
Squigglett Green Gem
Squigglett Red Gem
Squigglett Yellow Gem
Storm Crystal
Ultimus Shard
Valuable Goblet
Ventras Crystal
Void Stone
Voltran Orb
Water (Fresh)
Water (Holy)
Water (Mirky)
Water (Salt)
White Flour
White Yvew Crystal
Xhorafiels Sigil
Yellow Berries
Yellow Purge Crystal
Yvew Essence
Zenix Energy
     (118 Total)