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Name Description
Ventras Note It is rumoured that to create a Ventras Signet it requires 20 Ventras Crystals.
Slither Note Ax20, Bx5, Cx15
Voir Virus Cure Note Voir Virus Cure ------------------ 50 x Snow Grib Blood 50 x Dark Grib Blood 50 x Lava Grib Blood
Ultimate Luck Note To find your ultimate luck, you should combine 100 x Crystal Spore and 100 x Ice Diamonds.
Voltran Note A Voltran Mixture A ================= 100 x Voltran Orb 25 x Zenix Energy 5 x Jade Powder - Voltran Hunter 'Zenmos'
Voltran Note B Voltran Mixture B ================= 100 x Voltran Orb 25 x Zenix Energy 3 x Jade Powder 8 x Blue Powder - Voltran Hunter 'Zenmos'
Ultimus Shard Note Written in blood are the numbers 14, X, X6, 1X and 20. Some of the numbers appear to be smeared (as shown by the 'X' which represents a single number).
Spore Guide 2 Spore Guide 2 =========== Potion: 2 x Spore (Green), 2 x Spore (Blue), 2 x Spore (Purple), 5 x Spore (Yellow)
Crumbled Stone Commandment By holding weight of both parties score and complimentary... and reflected on the reflection of the stars at life's antithesis... at a piece of peace where sanctuaries have no line of sight... furthest beyond the soothed savagery of our tamed beasts... we travelled far to travel small... travelled light, minus sight...
  • Dismembering this riddle:
  • By holding weight of both parties score and complimentary...

- mix a score (20) each of Polvariels Sigil and Xhorafiels Sigil, you'll gain a Biased Pennant, the quest wants you to be balanced, so: - mix two of the Biased Pennants to gain a Balanced Pennant

  • And reflected on the reflection of the stars at life's antithesis...

- Opposite (antithesis) of life is death... it mentions stars and death, points to Teridia, which has stars for a background and a critter called death in there... [thanks Lasciel] It's beyond me how to find the coordinates of the unmarked quest-square, but you'll find it at (486,241) Teridia Anomaly

  • At a piece of peace where sanctuaries have no line of sight...

- The piece of peace seems to point to Darkfor Jungle - First quest that you can locate right out of the gate (right near the two side by side shadow stones). [thanks Lasciel] (58,58) Darkfor Jungle

  • Furthest beyond the soothed savagery of our tamed beasts...

- Beasts are tamed in the Beast Caves; furthest beyond = go to the deepest level, you'll find the quest at (8,2) Beast Cave (Level 3) [thanks Frank]

  • We travelled far to travel small...

- Dwarven Tunnel (1,367,2) (long tunnel, small people) [thanks Frank]

  • Travelled light, minus sight...
   - (no idea what it means)
Mega Mana Recipe To create a Mega Mana Potion, mix 10 Blue Powder with 5 Green Powder and 2 Rainbow Powder.
Jh'sari Map The map reads - E/E/E N/N/E E/N/E E/N/E
Cryptic Note (Note) kees uoy noitacol ehT jt!fbtz!up!gjoe fiy uol oo kiwhtnit ehf orezn qruwk dw orfdwlrq qlqhwhhq iliwbvla.
Note of the Nightmare This note has been written in blood. With this you can combine a cleaver handle, cleaver blade and the Oblivion Sword into the legendary Nightmare Cleaver.
Cinder Vial Ingredient Vial of the Cinder Ingredient List ------------ 90 x Nagyagite Bar 50 x Datolite Crystal 10 x Phalite Crystal
Dawning Vial Ingredient Vial of the Dawning Light Ingredient List ------------ 75 x Nagyagite Bar 50 x Datolite Crystal 10 x Screaming Crystal
Hybrid Scales Note 10 x Black Dragon Scale, 10 x Crystal Dragon Scale, 10 x Farrow Dragon Scale, 10 x Forest Dragon Scale, 10 x Jungle Dragon Scale, 10 x Onyx Dragon Scale
Aqualisk Hylix Note 50 x Aqualisk Scales 1 x Hylix Crystal
Mysterious Note Uoy mstu ksee tou a tioolcna ni eht ogtohard laemr. Etanorh aerlm esil wihitn a etsecr ltrapo atth nncaot eb eesn yb hte mauhn yee. Eth odsnaoercit acointn oen ehgit idgti nda eterh inen igsdit, ubt teh rroed fo tsehe si nkonnuw.
  • Translation: You must seek out a location in the Gothador realm. Another realm lies a secret portal that cannot be seen by the human eye. The coordinates contain one eight and three nine digits, but the order of these is unknown.
Boot Voucher This voucher permits you to gain a pair of boots for free, however you are puzzled as to where from.
Spore Guide Spore Guide =========== Potion: 1 x Blue Dust, 4 x Spore (Green) Vial A: 2 x Blue Dust, 7 x Spore (Blue) Vial B: 2 x Red Powder, 3 x Spore (Blue), 2 x Spore (Purple) Vial C: 2 x Blue Dust, 1 x Spore (Green), 1 x Spore (Purple), 2 x Spore (Blue)
Diary Entries Day 76: I've been stuck in this desert for months now... Dunno how longer I can hold out...

Day 121: I found it! All mine! Three south, three east and two south! No one will find it. (All other entries are smudged)

Jade Ring Note The form a sacred Jade Ring, one must mix a Silver Ring with 162 Jade Powders. - Arco de Factor, Slayer of the Nagath.
Warrior Note Guard duty at the cave – far NE
Ultimismo Note A F1nd1ng wh47 y0u 533 w1ll b3 1n 7h3 d4rk f0r357 47 f1v3 by 53v3n.
  • Translated: Finding what you see will be in the dark forest at five by seven.
Ultimismo Note B FJLtrJ91VUqipzfto3I0VUEbLKDtozyhMFO0q2IhqUxtqUqiVTyhVUEbMFOzpz96MJ4toz9lqTttnKZtrJ91pvOhMKu0VTkiL2S0nJ9hVUyiqFO3nJkf


  • After ROT-13 and base64 decoding it reads: If you work out that nine twenty two in the frozen north is your next location you will be most clever. Especially with all this extra garble which isn't really important.
Cow God Amulet Note 1,000 Agnon Spores 1,000 Megnix Spores 100 Polvariels Sigils 100 Xhorafiels Sigils
Flame Swirl Vial Note Fire Swirl Vial =============== 5 x Red Powder 10 x Spore (Blue) 10 x Spore (Green) 10 x Spore (Purple) 5 x Spore (Yellow) 5 x Essence of Flame
Purple Patriarch Note 'X' x Patriarch Eye = '1' x Purple Patriarch Diamond
Molten Note Molten Patriarch Essence ------------------------ 5 x Red Powder 100 x Patriarch Crystals 10 x Spore (Blue) 10 x Spore (Green) 25 x Spore (Purple) 20 x Spore (Yellow)
Zenix Egg Badge [unknown]
Berry Pie Recipe BLUE BERRY PIE: 65 x Blue Berries, 65 x Red Berries, 65 x Yellow Berries, 30 x White Flour, 20 x Beast Fat.
Alter Note Mix the eye in a score and five.
Ladius Cube Note 1 x Crystal Shard + 10 x Ladius Cube ~ Cubemaster
Floating Rune Note To mix: 5 x Red Powder 10 x Green Powder 20 x Zenix Energy 5 x Floating Dust
Note: Minor Dregdin Rune Forging this item requires the following: 4 x Copper Bar 4 x Silver Bar 2 x Crystal
Kinderd Note Kindred Stone ============= Jade Powder x 200 Spore (Blue) x 5 Spore (Green) x 5 Spore (Purple) x 5 Spore (Yellow) x 5 - The Kindred One
Rare Wyvern Secret Note A mix of 1xy is know to be good, where x is smaller than y. y is a prime number. x+x=y.
Quest of the Squiggles This note is tattered and most of its content unreadable. '... -hunt is on! With the one-hundred unique gems came the different rewards. Good luck! King An-...' Theres another paragraph you previously didn't see. '...amazing gem can be added with 100 of the others. I think it was 25 or so needed..'
Exovine Recipe 50 Tailvine 50 Luirvine 50 Zenvine
Nagdaltic Recipe 35 Nagyagite Bar 10 Zydale Bar 35 Sporetic Bar
Precious Amethire Note 5 x Exovine 10 x Tellarock 5 x Nagdaltic
Tellarock Recipe 25 Fruit Rock 25 Ingus Rock 25 Morphil Rock 80 Lava Rock
Baron's Contract This contract details your service to the baron. You will require to show this to the blacksmith and the mixer.
Bonding Papers This certificate details the eternal bonding between <...> and <...>. May your lives be as one and forever.
Patriarch Essence Note Spore (Blue) x 10 Spore (Green) x 10 Spore (Purple) x 10 Spore (Yellow) x 20 Patriarch Crystals x 75
Xenthij Map Back to the beginning, the first skill you had. Look to the first letter and the fourth. Then seek it out in Xenthij.

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