This page contains a table of Ores found in the game.

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     (30 Total)

Name Products Locations
Black Ash Death Mine -3,565% mining
Copper Ore Bilbohall Mine 40% mining
Coral Coral Mine -125% Mining
Gold Nugget Gold Mine 20% Mining
Iron Ore Iron Mine 25% Mining
Kamrack Eye (Unrefined)
Kromite Ore Terrax Mine 49% Mining
Kunzite Ore Kunzite Mine -350% Mining
Lava Ore Lava Ore Mine -6,150% Mining
Mined Spores Spore Mine -3,950% Mining
Molten Ore Molten Lava Mine -5,950% mining
Monazite Ore Monazite Mine -10% Mining
Nagyagite Ore Nagyagite Mine -950% Mining
Osumilite Ore Osumilite Mine -700% mining
Patriarch Relic Patriarch Tomb -5,025% Mining
Pyramid Sand Sand Mine -1,700% mining
Pyrite Ore Pyrite Mine -25% mining
Pyroxene Ore Pyroxene Mine -2.750% Mining
Raw Blue Crystal Blue Crystal Mine -2,700% Mining
Raw Crystal Crystal Merchant - 10,000 Gp
Raw Datolite Datolite Mine -1,450% Mining
Raw Nitratine Nitratine Mine -2,350% Mining
Raw Yellow Crystal Yellow Crystal Mine -3,150% Mining
Rutile Ore Rutile Mine -40% Mining
Silver Ore Silver Mine -50% Mining
Sporetic Ore Sporetic Mine -6,450% Mining
Titanium Ore Titanium Mine -300% Mining
Xonotlite Ore Braskin Wares - 10,000 Gold
Zircon Ore Spore Scavenger 10,000 gold
Zydale Zydale Mine -16,950% mining
     (30 Total)