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These pages contain a table of Quest Items found in the game.

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Name Used in quest Description
Aeal Orc Trophy Greenskin Wars
Aelis Resurrection Scroll Resurrection of the Fallen
Alter Stone The Legend of Xenthij (Part 6)
Ancient Relic The Outpost
Ancient Stone The Sand Guardians - Discovery
Ancient Yalz Gem Old Tales
Angelic Shard 1 Key to Heaven
Angelic Shard 10 Key to Heaven
Angelic Shard 2 Key to Heaven
Angelic Shard 3 Key to Heaven
Angelic Shard 4 Key to Heaven
Angelic Shard 5 Key to Heaven
Angelic Shard 6 Key to Heaven
Angelic Shard 7 Key to Heaven
Angelic Shard 8 Key to Heaven
Angelic Shard 9 Key to Heaven
Ankrish Stone Upgrades
Aphroditis Stone (Questitem) Aphroditis Stone (Quest)
Aqualisk Hylix Heavens Fall
Archaic Marble Key Realm Key for The Asylum Level 2
Armour Supplies The Past: Smithing
Artifact Fragment 1 Misplaced Artifacts
Artifact Fragment 2 Misplaced Artifacts
Artifact Fragment 3 Misplaced Artifacts
Artifact Fragment 4 Misplaced Artifacts
Artifact Fragment 5 Misplaced Artifacts
Artifact Fragment 6 Misplaced Artifacts
Artifact Fragment 7 Misplaced Artifacts
Artifact Fragment 8 Misplaced Artifacts
Azure Blood Extract Era Plague
Baby Dragon Eyeball Baby Dragon (Quest)
Baby Dragon Horn Baby Dragon (Quest)
Baby Dragon Scale Baby Dragon (Quest)
Balanced Pennant Angelicus Corpus, Part II
Bandages The Past: Injured Guards
Bandit Lord Medallion Bandito
Bandit Map (Item) Bandit Map (Quest)
Barraks Medallion Shattered Allegiance (Part 2)
Basilisk Essence Blood to Body
Beech Twig Enlightenment
Bellows Forging of Elithar
Berries Rumors of Ancient Lands
Black Charm Elven Charms
Black Dragon Matter Intellectual Bite
Black Resurrection Powder
Black Trilama Pelt Winter Supplies
Blacksmith Envy Blacksmith's Envy
Blazing Diamonds Discovering Menorthite
Blessed Blood Diamond Realm Key for Blood Haven (Realm)
Blood Crystal Key Realm Key for Crystal Valley
Blood Diamond The Blood Diamond
Blood Rock Lighting the Flames (Part 1)
Blood Statue Lighting the Flames (Part 1) Cult Quest
Blood Type (0) Vampyric Mastery
Bloodling Eye Blood Cave Clearout
Bloody Eye Stone Eye See All
Blue Charm Elven Charms
Blue Diamond (Item)
Boiler 1 Parts Asylum - Its Cold!
Boiler 2 Parts Asylum - Its Cold!
Boiler 3 Parts Asylum - Its Cold!
Bone Crusher Bone The Bone Key
Bone Key The Legend of Xenthij (Final Part)
Bottle of Brutes Blood Forge to Oblivion
Bottle of Pure Blood Forged Through Blood
Bottle of the Dead The Fruit of Labour
Braskin Crystal (Item) Braskin Crystal (Quest)
Broken Amulet Shiny, Dusty, Broken
Burning Crystal Realm Key for Lava Expanse
Calmedi Meat Oyster Delight
Celestial Stone Stone of Destiny (Quest)
Celestial Ward Ward Warden
Cell Key Let me out!
Cellar Key 1
Chaleqal Pink Stolen Liquor
Chancellor Crystal Return of the Chancellor
Circle Element Archaic Shapes
Circle element Archaic Shapes
Clawdi Ham Vikings Ordeal
Cleaver Blade Force of the Nightmare
Cleaver Handle Force of the Nightmare
Contorted Metal Redistribution of Power
Contorted metal Redistribution of Power
Cooking Hat Vikings Ordeal
Corrupt Monk Head Corrupt Treasures
Cove Key Realm key for Miners Cove
Cow God Amulet Acolytes to the Cow Gods
Crate of Bouverire Wine The Past: Wine, Wine, Wine
Crude Crystal Shield Forged Through Blood
Crystal Dragon Matter Intellectual Bite
Crystal Heart Heart of Hearts
Crystal Key Realm Key for Ice Crystal Cave - 1
Crystal Thread Spinning Web
Cursed Key Corrupt Treasures
Curved Enchanted Timber Enchanted Timber
Cyclops Skull Pike of Recognition
Cypher Acquiring Knowledge
Dark Crystal Dark Destiny
Dark Crystal 1 Hidden Myths
Dark Crystal 2 Hidden Myths
Dark Crystal 3 Hidden Myths
Dark Forest Fragment Defragmentation
Dark One Bone Unholy Darkness
Dark Stone Frenzied Destiny
Dark Talisman A Forge of Darkness
Dark Talisman B Forge of Darkness
Dark Talisman C Forge of Darkness
Dark Talisman D Forge of Darkness
Dark Wolf Claw The Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Fang The Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Heart The Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Pelt The Dark Wolf
Darkfor Shard A Darkfor Deflection
Darkfor Shard B Darkfor Deflection
Darkfor Shard C Darkfor Deflection
Darkfor Shard D Darkfor Deflection
Darkwater Swamp Fragment Defragmentation
Death Finder Bone Unholy Darkness
Death Stone Frenzied Destiny
Decay Crystal Realm key for Lair of Decay Level 2
Decimation Shard 1 Swamp Shadows
Decimation Shard 2 Swamp Shadows
Decimation Shard 3 Swamp Shadows
Decimation Shard 4 Swamp Shadows
Decimation Shard 5 Swamp Shadows
Decimation Shard 6 Swamp Shadows
Deimos Shard A Deimos Key
Deimos Shard B Deimos Key
Deimos Shard C Deimos Key
Deimos Shard D Deimos Key
Deimos Shard E Deimos Key
Deimos Shard F Deimos Key
Deimos Shard G Deimos Key
Deimos Shard H Deimos Key
Deimos Shard I Deimos Key
Deimos Shard J Deimos Key
Deimos Shard K Deimos Key
Deimos Shard L Deimos Key
Deimos Shard M Deimos Key
Deimos Shard N Deimos Key
Deimos Shard O Deimos Key
Deimos Shard P Deimos Key
Deimos Shard Q Deimos Key
Deimos Shard R Deimos Key
Deimos Shard S Deimos Key
Deimos Shard T Deimos Key
Deimos Shard U Deimos Key
Deimos Shard V Deimos Key
Deimos Shard W Deimos Key
Deimos Shard X Deimos Key
Deimos Shard Y Deimos Key
Deimos Shard Z Deimos Key
Diamond Amulet Shiny, Dusty, Broken
Dire Ogre Head Slaying the Ogre
Doom Blade (Handle) The Doom Blade
Doom Blade (Lower Section) The Doom Blade
Doom Blade (Middle Section) The Doom Blade
Doom Blade (Upper Section) The Doom Blade
Dragon Stone Frenzied Destiny
Drake Blood Vial Concoctions
Dusty Amulet Shiny, Dusty, Broken
Dweller Crystal Crystal Energy
Earth Jewel Elemental Worship
Eld Oak Bark Threatening Forest
Eld Oak Leaf Threatening Forest
Eldrinach Stone Tomb of the Four
Elidir Egg Egg Delight
Elidir Scales Scales of Protection
Elven Stone Frenzied Destiny
Enchanted Starfish Realm Key for Contorted Depths
Energy Crystal Lost Ship
Esarus Key Realm Key for Esarus Cave
Essence Potion Forge to Oblivion
Ethereal Key Realm key for Ethereal Void
Ethereal Void Fragment Defragmentation
Eye Stone Eye See All
Fairy Dragon Egg Heart of the Dragon
Fake Fire Jewel
Fake Ice Jewel Useless Item from the "wrong" Ice Temples
Fake Jewel Charitable Tendencies 4
Fake Wind Jewel There are two Wind Temples, this useless item is given by the "wrong" one
False Rune A useless item
Family Heirloom 1 Chants of Hellgaur
Family Heirloom 2 Chants of Hellgaur
Family Heirloom 3 Chants of Hellgaur
Farrow Egg Egg Delight
Fel Orc Trophy Greenskin Wars
Finiahl Stone Tomb of the Four
Fire Crystal The Dweller Crystal 2
Fire Jewel Elemental Worship Beware that there are three Fire Temples in Mount Braskin, only one of the moving ones is real!
Fish (Quest Item) Rumors of Ancient Lands
Flail Egg Egg Delight
Flesh Eater Bone Unholy Darkness
Force Crystal The Force Crystal
Forest Charm Forester
Forged Slither Slither (Quest)
Forsaw Key Hidden Myths
Four Leaf (1 of 4) Lucky Charm
Four Leaf (2 of 4) Lucky Charm
Four Leaf (3 of 4) Lucky Charm
Four Leaf (4 of 4) Lucky Charm
Fragment of Worlds Circle of Shadows (Quest)
Frost Charm Charmed Pyroxene
Frost Crystal Crystal Energy
Frozen Fang Bottom Frozen Fang
Frozen Fang Top Frozen Fang
Frozen Fortress Key Realm key for Frozen Fortress
Frozen Gemstone (Item) Frozen Gemstone (Quest)
Frozen Orb The Frozen Orb
Frozen Pit Key Realm Key for Monster Pit Level 1
Frozen gem The Ice Tyrant
Geirl Compound Scales of Protection
Gemea Meat Oyster Delight
Ghantra Resurrection Scroll Resurrection of the Fallen
Glowing Matter Realm Key for Rock of Viscos
Gnawed Bear Carcass The Kid with the Sword
Gnawner Bark Threatening Forest
Gnawner Leaf Threatening Forest
Gnawner Meat Making the Meal
Gold Amulet Shiny, Dusty, Broken
Gold Collector Key Gold Dust Realm Key for Black Maze and Dark Forest Maze
Gold Purge Crystal The Purge Crystal
Golden Needle The Great Channel
Gothador Fragment Defragmentation
Gray Blood Extract Era Plague
Gray Crystal Dark Destiny
Grazel White Stolen Liquor
Great Desert Fragment Defragmentation
Great Tentacle
Greater Kraken Heart Godly Asking
Green Charm Elven Charms
Green Gem Valador (Quest)
Grenal Ale Hindered Supplies
Grey Trilama Pelt Winter Supplies
Griffin Feather Storm Again
Grousal Blue Stolen Liquor
Halcyon Key Realm Key for Aeon Mountains
Hammer Forging of Elithar
Harran Gem A Harran Hysteria
Harran Gem B Harran Hysteria
Harran Gem C Harran Hysteria
Heart Shaped Amulet Into the Void
Heirloom Heirloom Abound
Heirloom 4 Heirloom Abound
Heirloom 5 Heirloom Abound
Hell Fire Stone Realm Key for Depth of Hell Level 4
Hell Stone Realm Key for Depth of Hell Level 2
Hellgaur Chant Realm Key for Hellgaur Mountains
Heraldic Blood The Bone Key
Holy Scroll Holy Healer
Hunting Bow Hunting Problems
Hybrid Scales (Item) Hybrid Scales (Quest)
Hyena Pelt Clothing Hunting for Pelts
Ice Dragon Tooth The Beloved Pincers
Ice Jewel Elemental Worship Beware that the Ice Temple in Frozen North is fake, only the one in the Frozen Wasteland is real!
Ice Scroll Bottom Icy Magic
Ice Scroll Middle Icy Magic
Ice Scroll Top Icy Magic
Imp Lord Heart Imp Lord Slayer
Infernal Stone Stone of Destiny
Infernal Ward Ward Warden
Inflatable Demoness Useless Item
Infused Shadow Stone Circle of Shadows (Quest)
Ingoa Ale Vikings Ordeal
Juniper Twig Enlightenment
Kamrack's Gem Kamrack Gem (Part 2)
Kamrack Essence (A) Kamrack Gem (Part 2)
Kamrack Essence (B) Kamrack Gem (Part 2)
Kamrack Essence (C) Kamrack Gem (Part 2)
Kamrack Essence (D) Kamrack Gem (Part 2)
Kemlar Stone Upgrades
Key Fragment 1 Frozen Riches
Key Fragment 2 Frozen Riches
Key Fragment 3 Frozen Riches
Key of Darkness Angelic Starlight
Key of Death Angelic Starlight
Key of Malligna Darkness Emerging
Key of Shadows Lord of the Shadows
Key of War Angelic Starlight
Kindred Stone Stone of Destiny
Kindred Ward Ward Warden
Konra Key Realm Key for Konra Cave
Kragon Extract Spinning Web
Krelii Stone Defense of Esteir
Krukox Brain A Greater Challenge
Krukox Eyes A Greater Challenge
Krukox Heart A Greater Challenge
Krukox Liver A Greater Challenge
Krul Orc Trophy Greenskin Wars
Layk Bone Orc Foundations
Library Level 3 Pass The Legend of Xenthij (Part 2)
Light Crystal Light Destiny
Light Stone Frenzied Destiny
Lighthouse Crystal Town Thief (Quest)
Lightning Symbol Lightning Fast
Little Glenn's Toy Bear The Kid with the Sword
Lockpick Strong as a Box
Locusta Head Psychic Locusta
Locusta Tail Psychic Locusta
Lost Key Key Master
Lost Rune Lost Ruins (Quest)
Lytharum Psycho Nuts
Machaite Symbol Bottom Machaite Symbol
Machaite Symbol Middle Machaite Symbol
Machaite Symbol Top Machaite Symbol
Magi Crystal Light Magi
Magic Coin Wishing Well
Mammoth Horn Frosty Willy
Mana Ball The Shaman
Mana Flame (Item) Lighting the Flames (Part 2)
Mana Orb Soul of the Patriarch
Master Exch. Fable (Complete) Master Exchanger
Master Thief's Legend (Bottom) Fable of the Master Thief
Master Thief's Legend (Middle) Fable of the Master Thief
Master Thief's Legend (Top) Fable of the Master Thief
Master Thief's Legend (Translated) Fable of the Master Thief
Masters Charm Charitable Tendencies 6
Meaty Husks Vikings Ordeal
Missing Symbol Ayir Chronicles - The Awakening
Moon Star The Dark Pyramid
Mortis Ayir Key Realm Key for Mortis Ether World
Mortis Key Realm Key for Tarra
Mortis Portal Gem Ayir Chronicles - The Awakening
Mystical Bonding Alloy Bonding Alloy, Ahoy
Na'Gath Chamber Key Realm Key for Labr. of Na'Gath - 10
Na'Gath Crystal Realm Key for Na'Gath Dungeon
Na'Gath Labrinth Key Realm Key for Labr. of Na'Gath - 1
Necromancers Key Icy Revenge Realm key for Frozen Lair
Nyr Orc Trophy (Item) Greenskin Wars
Oak Twig Enlightenment
Obelisk Fragment Resurrection of the Fallen
Obre Amulet Realm Key for Sanctuary of Ages
Obre Amulet Fragment 1/3 The Obre Heritage
Obre Amulet Fragment 2/3 The Obre Heritage
Obre Amulet Fragment 3/3 The Obre Heritage
Obsidian Cougar Storm Again
Oceanianas Stone Realm Key for Oceanianas
Old Parchment Chronicles of the Gods, The Encounter
OmniLord Bones The Legend of Xenthij (Part 4)
OmniLord Skull The Bone Key
Opmah Stone Upgrades
Orb of Darkness Nefarious Orbs
Orb of Death Nefarious Orbs
Orb of Deceit Nefarious Orbs
Orb of Doom Nefarious Orbs
Orb of Fire Consolidated Perfection
Orb of Ice Consolidated Perfection
Orb of Night Nefarious Orbs
Orc Disguise
Orc Lung Unearthly Mixture
Outfit Package Yo Ho NOOOOO!
Package Forging of Elithar
Paelepha Stone Tomb of the Four
Pandora Key Realm Key for Pandora Sanctuary
Patriarch Soul Soul of the Patriarch
Pearl Necklace (Item)
Pelosaur Egg Era Plague
Perfect Red Gem Perfect Red
Pet Anchilla A Man's Lost Friend
Phaze Stone Necrotic
Piece of Tyr Vine Chronicles of the Gods, The Encounter
Pincer Hilt The Beloved Pincers
Piyr Stone Realm key for East Piyr Lands
Plague Skull Bone Unholy Darkness
Pocket Lint Useless Item
Poison Matter Pestilentiality
Polar Bear Ear Polar Bear Hunter
Possessions Moving Shack
Power Stone Frenzied Destiny
Priest Scrolls Pandoras Box (Part 2)
Prison Key Prison Warden
Psycho Key 1
Psycho Serem Psycho Nuts
Pure Ladius Cube 10 Guards, 1 Lady and a Cube
Qualyn Seal Realm Key for Shimmering Forest
Raknoc Eyeball Barbaric Rage
Raushi Meat Oyster Delight
Razorclaw Pelt Collection of Pelts
Red Charm Elven Charms
Red Crystal Pandoras Box (Part 2)
Rigor Bone Legend of the Sea Beasts
Rogue Map High Bounty
Rotten Apple Rotten to the Core
Rubbish Recycler
Ruby Amulet Shiny, Dusty, Broken
Ruined Wood
Sack Item 1 Lost Fortunes
Sack Item 2 Lost Fortunes
Sack Item 3 Lost Fortunes
Sack of Apples Winter Supplies
Sack of Pears Winter Supplies
Sacrificial Orb The Sacrificial Orb
Sanctuary Ferry Pass Realm key for Sanctuary Port
Sand Devil Meat Making the Meal
Sarangos Legend Soul of the Patriarch
Scout Note The Sand Guardians - Discovery
Scralak Leg Unearthly Mixture
Scralak Meat Making the Meal
Scuttler Bone Unholy Darkness
Seeing Stone Realm Key for Frozen Port
Seer Stone The Seer Stone
Seer stone The Seer Stone
Separation Crystal Take to Crystal (Divorce) Temple to obtain a divorce from your bonded
Serum Risky Business
Shadow Apprentice Ward Ward Warden
Shadow Dragon Matter Intellectual Bite
Shadow Fragment 1 Within the Shadows
Shadow Fragment 2 Within the Shadows
Shadow Fragment 3 Within the Shadows
Shadow Fragment 4 Within the Shadows
Shadow Fragment 5 Within the Shadows
Shadow Stone Fragment A Mystic Shadow
Shadow Stone Fragment B Mystic Shadow
Shadow Stone Fragment C Mystic Shadow
Shattered Blade Forge to Oblivion
Shattered Crystal Key The Crystal Key
Sheleq Red Stolen Liquor
Shield Supplies The Past: Smithing
Sinath's Orb Sinath's Vial (Quest)
Skull Fire Bone Unholy Darkness
Sleeping Potion Old Tales
Slime Crystal Realm Key for Slime North
Sloof Gem Phasmatis - The Scalp and the Sloof
Small Note Attacked Convoy
Soul Crystal A Undead Destiny
Soul Crystal B Undead Destiny
Soul Crystal C Undead Destiny
Soul Crystal D Undead Destiny
Soul Eye Dark Soul (Quest)
Soul Seeker Bone Unholy Darkness
Spawn Crystal Crystal Energy
Special Dust Yvew Got it!
Spider Queen Heart Unearthly Mixture
Spirit Stone Stone of Destiny (Quest)
Spirit Ward Ward Warden
Square Element Archaic Shapes
Square element Archaic Shapes
Squid Eye Legend of the Sea Beasts
Squid Meat
Stolen Apples Stolen Wares
Stolen Black Gem Unity of Gems
Stolen Blue Gem Unity of Gems
Stolen Bread Stolen Wares
Stolen Orb The Faded Orb
Stolen Ore Ore Retrieval
Stolen Red Gem Unity of Gems
Stolen Tools Stolen Wares
Stone Fragment 1 Darkness Emerging
Stone Fragment 2 Darkness Emerging
Stone Fragment 3 Darkness Emerging
Stone of Destiny (Item) Celestial Upgrade
Stone of Swiftness (Item) Stone of Swiftness (Quest)
Stone of Teleportation (Item) Stone of Teleportation (Quest)
Straight Enchanted Timber Enchanted Timber
Strange Orb
Sunken Idol Galleon Tales - Part 1
Sunken Idol 1 Galleon Tales - Part 1
Sunken Idol 3 Galleon Tales - Part 1
Sunken Idol 4 Galleon Tales - Part 1
Tainted Feather Realm Key for Peak of Betrayer
Temaz Minerals Elf Blacksmith
Tentacle Depths of the Sea
Teridia Warp Seed Realm Key for Teridia Anomaly
Thelgor's Hammer Slashing to Bashing
Tidal Dragon Matter Intellectual Bite
Titan Stone Stone of Destiny
Titan Ward Ward Warden
Tolas Medallion Shattered Allegiance (Part 2)
Tome of Knowledge A The Tome of Knowledge
Tome of Knowledge B The Tome of Knowledge
Tome of Knowledge C The Tome of Knowledge
Tome of Knowledge D The Tome of Knowledge
Tongs Forging of Elithar
Tools Rumors of Ancient Lands
Torgyn Medallion Inciting Conflict
Torment Crystal The Torment 5
Torment Stone The Torment Realm Key for Death Cave
Trade Network Plans (Complete) Guild of Traders
Triangle Element Archaic Shapes
Triangle element Archaic Shapes
Type AB Blood Medical Assistant
Type A Blood Medical Assistant
Type B Blood Medical Assistant
Tyr's Orders
Ulth'ran Royal Seal Realm Key for Ulth'ran Courtyard
Ultimismo Key Ultimismo Grandure
Undead Crystal A Forge of Death
Undead Crystal B Forge of Death
Undead Crystal C Forge of Death
Undead Yvew Soul Stone Unholy Darkness
Unidentified Potion Mystic Mix
Unsubclass Stone Subclass Revert
Valuable Blue Idol Charitable Investment
Valuable Green Idol Charitable Investment
Valuable Hoard The Past: Mixing and Foraging
Valuable Pink Idol Charitable Investment
Valuable White Idol Charitable Investment

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