This page contains a table of Scrolls found in the game.

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     (40 Total)

Name Spell Learned Class only
Ancient Scroll Summon Young Basilisk
Angelic Shift Scroll Angelic Shift
Blood Rage Scroll Blood Rage Vampire Lord symbol
Chain Lightning Scroll Chain Lightning
Dark Phaze Scroll Dark Phaze Necromancer symbolSpirit symbolLich symbol
Death Ray Scroll Death Ray
Demonic Teleport Scroll Demonic Teleport
Energy Ball Scroll Energy Ball
Energy Storm Scroll Energy Storm
Ethereal Stream Scroll Ethereal Stream
Firebreath Scroll Firebreath Dragon symbol
Frozen Scroll Summon Snowman
Green Fireball Scroll Green Fireball
Holy Blast Scroll Holy Blast
Ice Blast Scroll Ice Blast
Ice Shards Scroll Ice Shards
Light Healing Scroll Light Healing
Lightning Bolt Scroll Lightning Bolt
Meteor Scroll Meteor
Mind Melt Scroll Mind Melt
Multi-Fireball Scroll Multi Fireball
Overlord Ion Storm Scroll Ion Storm
Scroll of Healing Healing
Scroll of Merd's Frost Bite Merd's Frost Bite
Scroll of Shadows Shadows Dark Elf symbolKindred Elf symbolSylvan symbol
Scroll of Summon Crystal Fiend Summon Crystal Fiend
Shadow Mist Scroll Shadow Mist Shadow symbolShadow Lord symbolShadow Master symbolShadow Shade symbol
Sonic Echo Scroll Sonic Echo
Summon Deviant Scroll Summon Deviant Shadow Lord symbol
Summon Fairy Dragon Scroll Summon Fairy Dragon
Summon Imp Scroll Summon Imp Greater Demon symbol
Summon Imp Swarm Scroll Summon Imp Swarm Greater Demon symbol
Summon Ogre Scroll Summon Ogre Warlord symbol
Summon Rat Scroll Summon Rat
Summon Scout Scroll Summon Scout Dark Elf symbol
Summon Skeleton Lord Scroll Summon Skeleton Lord Necromancer symbol
Summon Skeleton Scroll Summon Skeleton
Summon Wisp Scroll Summon Wisp Trancendant symbol
Water Blast Scroll Water Blast
Yvew Shards Scroll Yvew Shards
     (40 Total)