Gothador Wiki

This page contains a table of Smelts found in the game.

Name Location Bars From Ore Chance
Spore Smelt Spore Field (73,2) Spore Essence Mined Spores -3,750% Smelting
Kamrack Refiner Swamp of Darkwater (-1,-1) Kamrack Eye Kamrack Eye (Unrefined) -1,200% Smelting
Lava Rock Smelt Lava Mine Area (5,6) Lava Rock Lava Ore -6,725% Smelting
Molten Lava Smelt (A) Lava Mine Area (1,3) Hellfire Crystal Molten Ore -6,450% Smelting
Molten Lava Smelt (B) Lava Mine Area (3,3) Lava Crystal Molten Ore -6,200% Smelting
Patriarch Smelt (D) Kingdom of Ulth'ran (5,17) Datan Stone Patriarch Relic -5,450% Smelting
Zydale Smelt Miners Cove (1,1) Zydale Bar Zydale -5,950% Smelting
Coral Processor Oceanianas (20,90) Processed Coral Coral 20% Smelting
Xonotlite Smelt Mount Braskin (2,7) Xonotlite Bar Xonotlite Ore -325% Smelting
Datolite Smelt Mount Braskin (99,99) Datolite Crystal Raw Datolite -1,600% Smelting
Kunzite Smelt Mount Braskin (98,2) Kunzite Bar Kunzite Ore -350% Smelting
Osumilite Smelt Mount Braskin (0,99) Osumilite Bar Osumilite Ore -730% Smelting
Nagyagite Smelt Mount Braskin (64,59) Nagyagite Bar Nagyagite Ore -950% Smelting
Sporetic Smelt Autumn's Edge (10,8) Sporetic Bar Sporetic Ore -6,450% Smelting
Nitratine Smelt Braskin Plains (74,14) Smelted Nitratine Raw Nitratine -2,550% Smelting
Patriarch Smelt (Z) Braskin Plains (8,15) Zelus Stone Patriarch Relic -5,950% Smelting
Rutile Smelt Cells (Level 3) (0,1) Rutile Bar Rutile Ore -40% Smelting
Mystic Copper Smelt Cells (Level 8) (7,8) Mystic Copper Bar Copper Ore -700% Smelting
Blue Crystal Smelt Crystal Valley (24,44) Blue Patriarch Diamond Raw Blue Crystal -2,950% Smelting
Yellow Crystal Smelt Crystal Valley (22,45) Yellow Patriarch Diamond Raw Yellow Crystal -3,150% Smelting
Dwarven Smelt Dark Forest (85,72) Iron Bar Iron Ore 25% Smelting
Evatan Smelt Dark Forest (-1,-1) Mystic Iron Bar Iron Ore -900% Smelting
Gold Smelt Dark Forest (89,72) Gold Bar Gold Nugget 0% Smelting
Zircon Smelt Gothador (50,27) Zircon Bar Zircon Ore -125% Smelting
Silver Smelt Dark Forest (25,28) Silver Bar Silver Ore -50% Smelting
Monazite Smelt Dark Forest (22,50) Monazite Bar Monazite Ore -10% Smelting
Pyrite Smelt Dark Forest (25,72) Pyrite Bar Pyrite Ore -25% Smelting
Sand Smelt Dark Pyramid (85,78) Sand Star Pyramid Sand -1,750% Smelting
Patriarch Smelt (M) Depth of Hell Level 1 (2,1) Marsis Stone Patriarch Relic -5,450% Smelting
Patriarch Smelt (P) Dwarven Mines (1,2) Patriarch Eye Patriarch Relic -3950% Smelting
Titanium Smelt Dwarven Mines (1,14) Titanium Bar Titanium Ore -350% Smelting
Pyroxene Smelt Frozen North (25,73) Pyroxene Bar Pyroxene Ore -525% Smelting
Bledsin Smelt Gothador (19,90) Copper Bar Copper Ore 40% Smelting
Bilbohall Smelt Gothador (13,2) Copper Bar Copper Ore 40% Smelting
Gavalon Smelt Gothador (57,52) Copper Bar Copper Ore 40% Smelting
Death Smelt Gothador (13,14) Black Orb Black Ash -3,150% Smelting
Varo Smelt Gothador (53,62) Iron Bar Iron Ore 25% Smelting
Terrax Smelt Gothador - 7,021 Years Ago (6,1) Kromite Bar Kromite Ore 49% Smelting
Crystal Smelt Ice Cave (7,11) Crystal (Bar) Raw Crystal 15% Smelting