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Location Ethereal Void (8,9) Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

Full Quest

"I am Mortis V'tan, High Priest and Eldar of the Mortis Demos cult. Its been many years since they roamed, but recently we have seen an uprising of our past members in the Dark Forest. They cast a dark shadow upon us as a cult and we ask you to assist us by killing them. Can you help?"
Accept Quest

You accept the quest.

"Return to me once you kill them..." (You have killed 250 / 250 Mortiss)
Talk with Mortis

"Excellent, now you must bring me a weapon to prove your skill to me."

"Bring me a Doom Blade to show your allegiance and I shall grant you a new skill..."
Give Blade

Mortis teaches you the Multi-Strike skill and you gain 100,000xp.

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