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This page contains a table of Cult Features found in the game.

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Name Class Type Obtained From Description
Health Flame Cult Feature Cult quest Lighting the Flames (Part 1) All cult-members gain a bonus of 25 HP (before subclass-bonuses)
Exchange Insider Cult Feature Cult Quest Master Exchanger Gives a bonus of 5%-25% on the exchange-rate before commission; Commission...
Mana Flame (Cultfeature) Cult Feature Cult Quest Lighting the Flames (Part 2) All cult-members gain a bonus of 25 MP (before subclass-bonuses)
Nexus Link Cult Feature Cult quest No Eye in Team Links all Life Nexi in all realms to the cult - allows healing for 20% of ...
Sanctuary of Fortitude Cult Feature Cult Quest: Fortifying the Frontier Grants +100 to the maximum AP of all cult members.
Team Training Cult Feature Cult Quest Qualyn Forces Supposedly improves the Teamwork skills, nobody has been able to prove thi...
Teleport Amplifier Cult Feature Cult Quest Ward Warden Increases the teleport-range of all cult-members by 1
Trading Post Cult Feature Cult Quest Guild of Traders Browse the Gothador Trading Network directly from your CS