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Location Swamp of Darkwater (25,35)
Min Level 1,500 Supporter Only Supporter Yes Rewards

Full Quest

You enter a large clearing and discover the smouldering ruins of an outpost

Even before you have time to react, a band of soldiers garbed in gleaming armor surround you. A huge veteran soldier expertly swings his blade across your front before stopping right in front of your face.

"You are too late, mercenary. We have slaughtered them all." Just as the soldier is about to pierce your throat, the commander steps across, his gauntleted hand slapping the blade away. "Wait, he bears no resemblance to those we have slayed here today." The Commander’s piercing gaze snaps to you.

"Perhaps he seeks our training? Prove that you are worthy by slaying 100 Giant Slugs."

"Did you manage to kill the 100 Giant Slugs?" (You have killed 100/100 Giant Slugs)
Yes, they are dead

"Hmm… Not bad, not bad at all. If you wish to begin your training you must first provide the Amulet of Decimation."

"Do you have the Amulet of Decimation?"

"Ah, i see you have the dedication of a warrior, but do you have the intellect to match? Slay the swamp creatures in this area and bring me back the six decimation shards."

"Have you recovered all the Decimation Shards?"
Give shards

"Excellent, dedication and intellect! We will continue your training once you have provided me with an Amulet of Greater Decimation."

"Do you have the Amulet of Greater Decimation?"
Give Amulet

"You are truly the most dedicated warrior I have encountered. I have one final test of endurance. It is known that the Swamp Troll possesses a magical root. I need you to recover thirty of these magical roots and mix them to create the Swamp Cross. Return the Swamp Cross to me."

"Do you have the Swamp Cross?"
Give Item

Excellent work, my young warrior. You are now on the path to becoming a truly powerful warrior. Your final test is to best me in combat..."

After a long and arduous battle you stand victory over the commander. "Here, take this. You have earned it."

(Gained Amulet of Forced Decimation, 3500000 xp and 5 skill points. )

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